About Us

Welcome to CupidGear ©  !

We are Andrew and Tiffany, we both love wine and hiking. Tiffany, my lovely wife, is a certified nurse.  And me, I am a Veteran. Returned from Vietnam, I carried many injuries with me.

We two are very passionate about things we love in life. We always looking for great gadget to help our passions. We launched CupidGear ©  is to share the excellent gadgets we have personally bought and used .

But the main advantage we have at CupidGear ©  is our gadgets’ quality and price are the best you can find anywhere.

Why is it CUPID but not other name?

  • CUPID is the symbol of love, the symbol of happiness , the symbol for the connection between two strangers. Just like you and me, you came in our little store as a stranger to us. However, when you leaving, we will be friend J I promised.
  • We don’t know if you smile when you come in our store but you will when you leave ! I guaranteed ! J

Andrew & Tiffany

CupidGear ©  store !